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Who we are & What we do


Tech + Tweens is a project that came out of our shared concern for the wellbeing of pre-teens in today's complicated world. Kids today not only contend with the "normal" developmental challenges of the pre-teen years, but also need to wrestle with the social and emotional effects of being constantly connected to the online world. While the two of us specialize in our own separate disciplines related to parenting, this is one subject where we believe joining forces can super charge our ability to help a whole lot of families.

We are moms, friends, educators, researchers and coaches. We love to support parents. Julia's passion is helping families develop a media plan that helps regain a healthy relationship to their device use. Abigail's passion is helping you really connect with your kids in a way that matters to both you and them, so you can put an end to power struggles once and for all.

Together we hope to provide a complete solution for those challenging tween years.


Abigail Wald



Real Time Parenting

Parents often come to me because their kids are exhibiting challenging behaviors. And I like to help them, but not always in the way parents have come to expect getting help. Most parenting coaches will give you tips and tricks on how to get kids to do what we need them to. I am not so interested in this, personally. My belief is that every challenging behavior is there for a reason. And while we can try to bribe, distract or punish the behavior away, it isn't until we learn to really LISTEN to it that we can transform our families into the force for good and love that they are meant to be. That said, while we start with listening, we don't stop there. Once we understand a child's behavior - and our own - then I share with my parents a set of incredibly powerful tools that are practical and actionable, and rooted in brain science. I teach mostly from a framework of Patty Wipfler's Hand in Hand Parenting tools, and am also greatly influenced by the work of Larry Cohen, Gordon Neufeld, Dan Siegel, Michael Gurian, and the many experiences of my own life. 

So yucky behavior, yeah, let's fix it. But first let's listen. Because inside of every kid giving you a hard time, there is a kid having a hard time. And inside every parent losing their temper is a parent just waiting to blossom into the benevolent leader they are meant to be. And that is the kind of work that interests me, and the parents I work so closely with. If this speaks to you, please come learn more at  XO, Abigail


 Julia A.G. Storm




From the time our children can walk and interact socially we begin teaching them how to navigate life; what healthy foods to eat, how to look both ways when crossing, not to go anywhere with a stranger, how to be water-safe, the rules of proper etiquette - just to name a few. Well times have changed since we were kids, and while all of these lessons still need to be taught, there now exists a whole new category to consider - how to navigate the digital world in a safe, conscious and ethical way. As a mom of two boys I too struggled with the stress of iphones, ipads, and video games worming their way into our family life. I soon noticed that parents all around me were just as confused about how to handle their kids' obsessions with screens as I was.

 As a former producer of children's media and as a mental health counselor I spent a lot of time thinking about child development and researching the role of media on children's wellbeing. My interest lead me to meet with (and listen to) parents, teens, experts in child development, professors of media studies, and teachers about how tech was influencing our day to day lives. Eventually I developed ReConnect, a robust program to guide families towards a healthy and balanced relationship to the tech in their lives. The goal of everything I do is to help  families and schools manage the confusion of growing up in the digital age. Working with parents, and giving them tools to make their life easier is my passion. I truly believe knowledge and mindfulness is the key. This next generation of kids has the potential to do amazing things with the technology we've handed them; we just have to lead the way.

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