So you can feel confident and they can stay safe
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Parenting tweens in the Digital Age is no small task. Luckily, we're here to make the job a little easier for you.


Pulling away? Moody? Invincible yet incapable all at the same time?

If you are a parent feeling this way, you are in good company. Tweens can be confusing. In some ways, they are more thoughtful and empathic than they have ever been, while in other ways they can be cruel and impulsive. They are driven to challenge everything, and yet deeply fearful of being judged. Tweens want nothing more than to fit in, yet struggle daily with carving out their own identity. Our tweens are often caught in the land of "in between." In between childhood and adulthood. In between their family and their friends. In between autonomy and needing you desperately. 

The fact is, your tween might need you now more than ever. And being a tween today isn't like it used to be. When we were young, we could make mistakes and sure, they hurt - but after they happened, they were in the past and we could move beyond them. Today’s kids live much of their lives in the public eye. Their inevitable childhood mistakes are easily accessible online, and often unerasable. Think how hard it can be to climb out from under that!

Thankfully there are small but powerful steps you can take as a parent to support your child. Find out how you can be their ally in these challenging and exciting years.

Join us and learn how to help them to take the best of what tech has to offer, and teach them to skillfully navigate through the worst.